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While some folks might have a hard time with the technology being applied to the High Fidelity Cables,  I will gladly add my stamp of approval to the long list of reviews that declare they sound amazing. I would dare say these could be the best sounding cables I have ever heard and while I cant afford these myself, I would encourage anyone who can to definitely give them a listen. They are Incredible.

High Fidelity CT-1

GR Research LGK

Like the story of David and Goliath, the LGK’s are speakers that prove when it comes to Hi-Fidelity that size can be deceiving. For anyone in the DIY crowrd that is looking for a small desktop speaker that could easily double duty in a medium room or larger room using filters, look no further. These speakers will knock your socks off. Near perfect midrange, pinpoint accuracy and imaging that sets the gold standard by which most speakers should be measures, this “little giant killers” are simply stunning especially at the asking price of $189/kit.

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Very refreshing review.  Your honesty and “blue collar” approach really stands out compared to the BS drivel we have to suffer too often in equipment reviews.  Thanks and keep them rolling.

Al M.

I enjoyed your review because of your humble and honest approach, and because of your “I’m just a guy using this stuff” point of view. We need more new guys like you in the hobby.


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